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Sex Therapy

Sex, Intimacy, and Eroticism can be sources of aliveness, deeper connection, tenderness, and creativity. However, many find it hard, exhausting, triggering, even painful to be intimate with their partner(s) and/or themselves. 

Dealing with vulnerable feelings around sex and sexuality in our stigma and taboo ridden culture can increase the sense of isolation and hopelessness and drive folks to avoid, dismiss, perhaps endure their discomfort. 

As a couples therapist who specializes in sex therapy I can hold honest, delicate, and important processes, allowing you to heal from sexual wounds, get closer to one another and attend to the vast world of eroticism that exists beyond the goal-oriented and often reductive ideas of sex our society holds. 

My work is first and foremost trauma informed, I stay attuned to clients' experience and history, gently guiding them towards their resilient, strong, and healing self. 

I am kink affirming, LGBTQIAP+ allied and have specific education around supporting folks in open and ethically non-monogamous relationships. 

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