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Couples Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Looking for a couples therapist in SE Portland to facilitate growth and healing in your marriage, relationships, and love life?

Couples Counseling or Couples Therapy can help with:

- Feeling Secure

- Feeling heard and "gotten"


- Setting healthier boundaries

- Finding balance and harmony

- Speaking more clearly, Listening more intently

- Becoming experts at one another's world, knowing when and how to be your partner's support and receive their help

- Better managing outisde influence (i.e. in laws)

- Healing from affairs

- Deciding if you want to stay together

- Alligning in parenting

- Having a more satisfying sex life

-Making BIG life choices with consideration for self and relationship

- Thriving at different life cycle stages

There is no one-way to do relationships, though we often carry with us unspoken rules and legacies that may or may not fit who we are with our loved one(s). Sex, money, emotional labor, and parenting, are just a few places where we might get complacent, avoidant, conflictual, leading to resentment and rigidity.

Working on your relationship is a lifetime investment that can have monumental impact.


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I bring compassion, creativity, humor and depth to couples counseling, holding space for couples to feel seen and heard. This can make space for change to arise with acceptance and commitment.


Areas of specific interest and expertise include:

 Multicultural Counseling (polyglots, multicultural, transnational, mixed-status partners)

Sex Therapy (open relationship, sex and sexuality, LGBTQIPA+)

Parenting (via adoption, foster care, step parenting, and biological children)

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