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My Approach to Therapy

Within Between refers to the intra and inter personal realms we occupy. Our social nature calls for caring and loving relationships where autonomy and belonging are both valued and respected. I believe we all aspire to such balance, and as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I engage in collaborative efforts with emotional honesty, vulnerability, and integrity.

I provide couples and family therapy in SE Portland.  I have extensive trained in PACT (Level 2) and

Hakomi, some training in IFS and Internpersonal Neutrobiology. Therapy is an invitation to attend to the nervous system and BE with the body, the mind and the relationship within and between them.

My approach is somatic (exploring how your body feels/reacts/intuits), experiential (drawing form present moment experience of self and others), and collaborative (staying keenly tuned to the relationship we develop and your emerging needs and wants).


I believe that therapy can provide reparative experiences that soothe and strengthen the mind-body connection leading to a more satisfying embodiment of one’s truth.

My therapy practice aspires to stay trauma informed, sex and body positive, LGBTQIAP+ affirming, and socially aware. I welcome folks from all walks of life and social locations.

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