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Co- Parenting Support for Couples, and Co-Parents

There is no hiding it, growing a family can bring about the biggest joys and the deepest struggles, sometimes in the same day or hour!


Parenting support, Couples Therapy and Co-Parenting Therapy can help you fortify your values as they get tested, challenged and stretched. 

You (and your co-parent) might be experiencing:

Compassion Fatigue

Shifting Family Roles 

Struggles agreeing on Discipline

Disconnection and Isolation

Conflict with Extended family

Triggering of Childhood wounds

Rising fears, anxiety, and depression

Difficulties navigating parenting and divorce/separation.

In Couples and Family Therapy you can allow space and to have a guided and facilitated process, geared towards tending to your relationship wellbeing with your whole family in mind.

Whether you are happily married, committed partners, in the process of separating, or long time divorced- you continue to be in relationship with one another and your child(ren).

Often children fall in the web of their caregivers' worries and distress.


Giving your family the opportunity to heal in couples or family therapy is an investment on child(ren)'s upbringing. 

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a parent, I am experienced and excited to facilitate your parenting journey.

My approach is guided by extensive training in PACT and Hakomi

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