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Mindfulness- sitting at the edge of the pond.

Updated: May 11, 2021

Sometimes our small parts need a moment to breathe, they need to regulate and find a sense of flow and rhythm with our environment. Mindfulness, turning towards our body with trust, following our breath, noticing the way our presence interacts with nature and nature responds to our presence... sometimes that is all we can do.

Children do this, quite intuitively. We can re-learn what has been hidden and taken away by trauma and the efforts of becoming adults. We can sit, at edge of our bed or a pond and, with each breath, simply notice the physical, emotional, cognitive sensations that are present in us. Just by stopping to attend to our experience within ourselves, the relationship between us and what is around us becomes a little more manageable.

Mindfulness is like a child: curious, open, both attentive and quite distractible, absorbed by something one minute and onto to another the next... and like a child, we can redirect our mindful efforts to the beauty inside and around us in gentle, deliberate and kind ways. Mindfulness in therapy offers exactly this gentle, intentional movement towards our inner landscape, it allows us to be in the present moment and move from overwhelmed to aware, it offers us a purposeful path to tend to our nervous system. #mindfulnesstherapy #hakomi #interpersonalneurobiology #naturetherapy #somatictherapy #playtherapy

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