Offering Individual, Couples & Family Therapy in SE Portland


What is therapy/counseling/ psychotherapy?

I think of therapy as the place where folks seeking help are at the center, cared for, listened to, compassionately challenged, and most of all, allowed to exist in all of their complexities

Some find it seamlessly necessary, others consider it a brave choice, wherever you are at:


My name is Silvia Gozzini and I offer individual, couples, and family psychotherapy in inner SE Portland.

I take a somatic, mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology approach to life's challenges and (building) blocks found along the way. Areas of special interest and focus include:  

Couples/ Marriage Therapy

Parenting Therapy

Expats & Transnationals

Immigration & Acculturation

Adoption Therapy 

Sex Therapy

Multicultural Therapy

Terapia in Italiano

Finding the right fit when exploring the territory of psychological help and mental health wellbeing is important.

I offer FREE 20-min consultations to give us the opportunity to get a feel for one another.

"The mind: an embodied and relational process that monitors and regulates the flow of energy and information both within and between us."

Dr. Dan Siegel


FREE 20-minute consultation, please Book Online or call and inquire about how I may be able to serve your needs.

4531 SE Belmont St Suite #104 Portland, OR 97215

My office is ADA accessible, all (dis)abilities welcome.

(971) 361 9247

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AAMFT Allied Mental Health Professional.
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